Outdoor Fun

Enjoying Nature Together

I can ensure that your pooch will have more than enough time outside. It will be hard to stop their tails from wagging with all the fun they’ll be having. Outdoor activities not only provide an opportunity for exercise, but also help to curb bad habits by giving pets a chance to release excess energy and socialize with other dogs.


Group Dog Walks

I offer hourly group dog walks, three times per day (Monday to Sunday). Dogs are teamed up to ensure they have the maximum fun and opportunity to burn off their excess energy. For the younger dogs, we play games whilst the older ones can mooch about and enjoy those sniffing opportunities.

One on One Walk

Whilst most dogs thoroughly enjoy the company of other dogs, some don’t, or are just not sufficiently mobile to be content to walk in a group. For those clients I am happy to offer a one-on-one walking service, tailored to meet their specific needs.


Doggy Day Care

If you are away from home for a significant part of the day, I am offering a daycare service for your dog.